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About Us

Our classes reflect the enthusiasm and passion
for body transformations, of the people behind them.

About Us

Blood Sweat & Muscle is the brainchild of Ben Hunter; a privately owned and locally managed gym who strives to provide the best gym experience in Scunthorpe and the surrounding area. Blood Sweat & Muscle, or BSM as it is known by its members, boasted highly tailored training routines, catering for an individuals specific needs, and a friendly atmosphere where everyone from all walks of life feel comfortable.

Our Beliefs

We believe if you challenge yourself you will change yourself & that's why when you walk up the steps to our gym you will see these words to inspire you for a great workout!

We're here to help people in Scunthorpe and the surrounding areas achieve a healthy balance. We think everybody deserves the right to live a healthier lifestyle without paying a premium or being tied into a gym contract.

Traditionally, Gyms charge a high monthly fee, and make you sign a year's contract for the privilege. Combined with restrictive opening hours this puts most Gyms out of the reach of ordinary people: shift workers, students and those looking for an affordable Gym.

We've changed all that.

Blood Sweat & Muscle is open 7 days a week, almost every day of the year, at times to suit most people's schedules. We don't make our members sign a contract, because frankly we think it's unfair and there's no need; after all, if you provide a great experience and quality equipment, people will keep coming back. We also keep a close eye on the newest fitness & dieting trends and developments.

Aside from setting up individual training programmes & routines for beginners, intermediates, and advanced gym members, BSM also provides dietary and nutritional advice, sports supplements; including whey protein shakes, and pre-workouts.

BSM prides itself on the atmosphere it creates and the customer service they maintain with clients, all BSM staff are fully trained personal trainers, with one goal... to help guide you through your personal training programme, ensuring you reach your desired body transformation goals.

Our Team

Award winning team with a passion for healthy living.

Ben Hunter

Ben Hunter

Founder / Head Coach

Head Coach and co owner Ben Hunter has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years gaining a wealth of experience and knowledge in many forms of exercise and training. With a love of plyometric, high intensity and endurance training Ben has developed unique strength and conditioning training plans which proved so popular with clients they formed the inspiration for Blood Sweat & Muscle.

CJ Booth

CJ Booth

Lead Coach

Lead Coach and former client of Bens, CJ Booth joined the squad 7 years ago and loved Bens approach to training so much she changed career and became a personal trainer along side becoming a championship level body builder. Now CJ leads her own unique form of training; Triple Threat where she combines her love of body sculpting and high intensity fitness in her routines.

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Whether you have a question about your training goals, need assistance with your diet, or you're in town and want to check out our gym, we want to know what's on your mind. Our gym members are important to us!

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