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General membership

What do memberships offer?

With our general membership you can enjoy the use of all our facilities and bonus of exclusive access to BSM GM training routines.

Fitness Classes

What classes do you offer?

Our TT classes designed by lead coach CJ combine strength, cardio and conditioning exercises in a high intensity workout perfect for people wanting to achieve results in a short space of time.

Our TT fitness classes are special because we are constantly changing our routines, keeping them interesting, challenging and something to look forward to.

Personal Trainer Scunthorpe

Personal training

What can your personal trainers offer?

Our BSM personal trainers are passionate about fitness, all experts in their chosen fields of training. They take their training seriously keeping abreast of research in the sector, so they deliver the best quality training for clients.

What are the benefits of having a PT?

New to training, if you are starting out on your journey to fitness success dedicated one on one support will give you confidence, direction and skills in achieving your fitness goals.

Getting married? Got a beach to look good on this summer? Doctor recommends exercise?

Our personal trainers can work with you to achieve your body goals ready for your target dates.

PT’s are not just for newbies, if your experienced already PT’s can be a great support to take you out of your comfort zone, introduce you to new approaches to training and push you that bit further to achieve even bigger goals.

How do I find the right PT?

Here at BSM when you contact us to talk about your goals, we will consider what you want to achieve and how you want to do this. We will then recommend the best PT for your needs and invite you to a free trial session so you can check us out!

Contact us to talk about your goals today!

Gym Membership

BSM Transformational BP’s

Our transformational body packages are perfect for people who are returning to training, have a set amount of time and want maximum results in minimum time.

We offer Body Plans of 30, 60, 90 and 120 days focusing on training, meal plans or both.

With this package we will guide you through your training throughout the plan and give you a weekly body progress review to keep you on track to achieve your goals.

These plans offer BSM unique routines based on Lead Coach Ben’s 25 years’ experience in the industry combining a range of traditional and modern training techniques.

BSM Training & meal plans

If you’re looking for an individualised programme to compliment your sports and training programme we offer a full body review and development planning service.

Gym Services in  Scunthorpe
Bodybuilding In Scunthorpe

Bodybuilder? Bikini Queen?

Our in house experts can provide a complex range of support, from training, meal planning, supplements and stage presence techniques.

Contact us for further details.


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Sport Therapy

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We are proud to work in partnership with STAR therapy who work on site at Blood Sweat & Muscle Providing:

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