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Personal Training in Scunthorpe

Are you looking for more than your average PT?

BSM Personal Training provides you much more than the average PT. What makes us unique is that we are all homegrown, we have all developed our practical training skills in house and use our techniques in our own workouts and training programs. If its not good enough for us, we won't give it to you!

This is evident when you see our clients burning over 1000 calories a workout, lifting some serious weight or rocking a fantastic physique!

We use the latest theory and research along side our favourite classic methods of training and blend them into our own unique BSM approach to training inspired by Head Coach Ben Hunter.

Results Driven, BSM Personal Training

Ben Hunter

Firstly I’d like to give you a quick introduction to myself…

Hi I am Ben and after working as general manager of Freaky's for several years I took the opportunity with the team to evolve the company into what we are today BSM!

Having worked in the fitness industry for over 25 years I incorporate a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion into what we deliver in our PT sessions. Combining high intensity, conditioning, plyometric and strength training into bespoke and varied sessions for clients, dependant upon their personal needs and goals. PT with BSM will ensure you Challenge Yourself & Change Yourself.

From beginners to the seasoned gym goer, I will help push you just outside your comfort zone, through some of the best possible personal training in Scunthorpe.

Personal Training Scunthorpe
Personal Training Scunthorpe

Who is BSM Personal Training for ?

Everyone! Newbie or not the fittest version of yourself? Well PT is perfect for you to get you one on one support so you can learn exactly what is good for your body to achieve your goals and have someone giving you a friendly motivational push to achieve it!

If you already know your way around a gym but want to push yourself further, learn new things or work towards a specific goal then its PT is perfect for you! We pride ourselves on our ability to push our professional athlete clients one step further to improve their performance!

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    What are the main benefits to BSM personal training ?

    Faster and better results from your workout
    Properly targeted fat loss and muscle gain
    Fun and friendly empowering one on one support
    Overcome physical barriers to training and get a can do attitude
    Smash your goals and exceed your own expectations
    Feel amazing and have great fun

    Gym In Scunthorpe

    At our Scunthorpe based gym; situated in the Ashby area of the town, Blood Sweat & Muscle welcome people of all shapes and sizes. So, whether you’re in fine physical fettle but want to maintain your fitness, or have never stepped foot in a gym before – we can help. With opening times to suit most, and we're also contract-free, allowing you to exercise as and when you’re in the mood or to follow that strict regime you've set yourself.

    There’s no judgement here. So do up those laces and get set to find your fit in a style that suits you.

    We also have some of the best Personal Training Services in the Scunthorpe area, which we also provide this with tailored nutrition and physical rehabilitation plans, all aimed at achieving our members the best physical results possible. Our ethos has always been to provide an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, motivating, fun, and above all, as supportive as possible, to help you achieve your training and fitness goals.

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