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Triple Threat Training

Looking For Faster Results?

Our TT classes designed by lead coach CJ combine strength, cardio and conditioning exercises in a high intensity workout perfect for people wanting to achieve results in a short space of time.

Our TT classes are special because we are constantly changing our routines, keeping them interesting, challenging and something to look forward to.

Friendly & Fun Classes For All

C.J. Booth

Firstly I’d like to give you a quick introduction to myself…

My name is C.J. and as many people can relate to at some point in their lives, I have been out of shape and overweight. I run the Triple Threat Training classes (TT Training) at Blood Sweat & Muscle and I’d like to work with you too, not only to get you into great shape, but to also to encourage you to feel great about yourself.

Our TT Training classes comprise of multiple ‘afterburners’ that boost your body’s metabolic rate and fat burning processes, maximising the number of calories you burn during the 45 minute training session, but also long after you have left the gym also.

From beginners to the seasoned gym goer, I will help push you just outside your comfort zone, through some of the best possible workout classes in Scunthorpe. We use everything from Kettlebell swings, skipping, and weighted Slam-balls, to Push-Ups, and Sit-Ups to boost your strength and endurance in a fun and friendly environment.

TT Training Scunthorpe
TT Training Scunthorpe

Who is it for ?

Everybody! As you can see from some of our members in our photos below, you can see Triple Threat Training Classes are deliberately designed so that they appeal to both men and women of all ages and fitness abilities! People of all fitness levels can enjoy the workouts together and work to their own set goals. By employing weight and rep variations, it allows you to control the intensity of the workout yourself. You will also find that working out in groups training encourages you to work slightly harder and becomes more fun than when training on an individual basis, plus it gives you chance to support one another through your fitness journey.

  • TT Training 9
  • TT Training 8
  • TT Training 4
  • TT Training 3
  • TT Training 7
  • TT Training 5
  • TT Training 6
  • TT Training 1
  • TT Training 2

    What are the benefits ?

    Improves Mobility, Strength, & Stamina
    Maximises the volume of work performed in a shirt period of time
    Increases Fat burning and stimulates muscle growth
    Improves Body tone and Aesthetics
    Builds Self-Confidence
    All areas of physical fitness targeted in one convenient workout
    Boosts overall metabolic rate

    Gym In Scunthorpe

    At our Scunthorpe based gym; situated in the Ashby area of the town, Blood Sweat & Muscle welcome people of all shapes and sizes. So, whether you’re in fine physical fettle but want to maintain your fitness, or have never stepped foot in a gym before – we can help. With opening times to suit most, and we're also contract-free, allowing you to exercise as and when you’re in the mood or to follow that strict regime you've set yourself.

    There’s no judgement here. So do up those laces and get set to find your fit in a style that suits you.

    We also have some of the best Personal Training Services in the Scunthorpe area, which we also provide this with tailored nutrition and physical rehabilitation plans, all aimed at achieving our members the best physical results possible. Our ethos has always been to provide an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, motivating, fun, and above all, as supportive as possible, to help you achieve your training and fitness goals.

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